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75 Parkett Inserts – CD ROM 25 Years of Artists’ Bookpage Projects for Parkett


This CD presents for the first time a comprehensive survey of the signature INSERTS made by artists especially for PARKETT. Faithful to its core principle of working closely with artists, PARKETT has invited 75 artists to work directly with the format of the magazine and the offset printing process. The artists have each produced a series of original artists’ pages, an ongoing study in the freedom within a book and in the rhythm and flow of the pages.

PARKETT INSERTS can take any form the artist desires within the given magazine format and budget. An astounding variety and diversity of paper-based artists’ ideas have been published. These INSERTS tell stories in images, colors, signs, and lines that include the use of text (Barbara Kruger, Jonathan Monk et al.), photography (Richard Mapplethorpe, Sigmar Polke, Nan Goldin, Damien Hirst, Henry Bond, Shirana Shahbazi et al.), drawing (Toba Khedoori, Silvia Baechli, Matthew Ritchie et al.), comics (Robert Crumb, David Shrigley, Dan Perjovschi), painting (Adrian Schiess, Richmond Burton, Kara Walker, Jeremy Blake, Marcel Dzama et al.) or graphic elements (Daniel Buren, General Idea, Niele Toroni, Nic Hess, Matthew Brannon, Ryan Gander’s hand torn pages et al.).

$ 45.00