Cumulus Texts – Authors List with Artists

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Author Volume Artist Title
Alexandre Melo 44 Transozeanexpress
Stuart Morgan 7 Cut-outs
Jörg Zutter 27 Bruce Nauman Alienation of the Self, Command of the Other. In the Work of Bruce Nauman
Tirdad Zolghadr 77 Short Selling
Denys Zacharopoulos 6
Alexander Yakimovich 22 The Post-Catastrophic Stage in the Soviet Province
Olav Westphalen 65 Veiled Controversy
Andrew S. Weiner 85 Part Against the Whole. Participation and/as Institution
Peter Weiermair 11
Marina Warner 61 “Only Clouds ...”
Frazer Ward 60 Chris Burden The Technology We Deserve
Amei Wallach 13 The Wyeths and America
Hamza Walker 52 South Africa
Neville Wakefield 45 Nature’s Mosh Pit. Fear and Proximity in the Discovery Channel
Marc-Olivier Wahler 79 Marcel Duchamp Zero Gravity Art. (Didier Cuche and Marcel Duchamp)
Mark von Schlegell 82 Lucas Cranach New Ages
Angela Vettese 46 Art in Milan
Gianfranco Verna 1
Meyer Vaisman 39 I Want to Be in America
Eric Troncy 69 A Future One Would Like to Be Able to Defer...
Eric Troncy 39 Merde in France
Nato Thompson 66 The Atlas Group A Museum of Lies
Carolee Thea 70 Joan Jonas Joan Jonas
Ann Temkin 23 Marcel Duchamp
Hilde Teerlinck 58 Sacrilege
Paul Taylor 9 The Return of (Conceptual) Art
Paul Taylor 35
Christoph Tannert 36 Berlin—Fast Forward?
Adam Szymczyk 81 Edward Krasinski Shot at Breast Height
Ali Subotnick 77 Back to Life
Rainer Speck 17 Heterotypology or Giving the Secret a Niche
Michael Sorkin 6 Richard Serra Art Squads
Stephanie Smith 72 Promise Pieces
Roberta Smith 3
Debra Singer 73 Harrell Fletcher A Post-Biennial Post-Script
Jeanne Silverthorne 11 Julian Schnabel
Adrian Searle 38
Dieter Schwarz 20 Statement for the Conference “Is there Art Criticism in Switzerland?” Zurich, February 4–5, 1989
Gabriele Schor 70 Hybridity, Eros, and Death
Nadia Schneider 48 Angela Bulloch Pillow Talk in Public Space
Kimmo Sarje 24 Kimmo Sarje To me, Aalto’s vase is aesthetically equivalent to Malevich’s black square
Gertrud Sandqvist 37 Privat
Daniela Salvioni 43 Mario Botta SFMOMA
Daniela Salvioni 31 Black Popular Culture
David Salle 2
Ralph Rugoff 32 Marcel Duchamp Inside the White Clinic
Margit Rowell 59
Andrew Ross 27
Suely Rolnik 55 Beyond the Identity Principle. The Anthropophagy Formula
James Roberts 43 Musée Incontinaire
David Robbins 58 Further Adventures in the Two-Party System
Claude Ritschard 28 The Swiss Way: The Genevan Route from Morschach to Brunnen. Pathway and Trance
Lawrence Rinder 74 Learning at the Mission School
David Rimanelli 36 “Nobody Wants to See a Movie with Madonna in It”
David Rimanelli 24 Déjà vu
Hans Rudolf Reust 84 Infinite Glass. The Arts Beyond the Discipline
Hans Rudolf Reust 72 Peter Regli Global Scrabble
Hans Rudolf Reust 35 On Differences in the Place of the Work
Hans Ulrich Reck 60 Art, Utopia and the Media. Thoughts on the “Jahrbuch für Künste und Apparate”
Christian Rattemeyer 63 Carlos Amorales Method Masking
Gabriela Rangel 79 How to Become a Good Revolutionary (Within the Museum)
Cay Sophie Rabinowitz 68 Seeing Being Seen
Renate Puvogel 15
Nancy Princenthal 47 Now You See It, Now You Don’t. The Magic Magic Book
Lucio Pozzi 18 Capillary Transactions
Carolina Ponce de Léon 38 Alternative Paths for the Noble Savage
Annelie Pohlen 10 Falling Between All Stools—or the Search for an Unstable Location
Robert Pincus-Witten 16 Entries: Taking Stock
Valéria Piccoli 54 Inside the XXIV Bienal’s Body
Nataša Petrešin 73 What to Do with Alternative / Artistic Knowledge?
Jesse Pearson 69 Spencer Sweeney I Do This, I Do That. The Personality Artist and Heavy Metal Dandyism
Hans Ulrich Obrist 31 A Kitchen Exhibition in St.Gallen
Hans Ulrich Obrist 57 John Soane Retrace Your Steps: Remember Tomorrow. An Exhibition in Sir John Soane’s Museum
Adrian Notz 80 The Romanians in Cabaret Voltaire
Michelle Nicol 55 Ridge Forester The Concept of the Original Is Obsolete. Wurm v. Forester
Louise Neri 25 Block’s Buster: Eros, C’est la vie. The Eighth Biennale of Sidney
Petr Nedoma 56 Prague 2000
Gloria Moure 30 Reflections on a Space for Creation
Paul D. Miller 46 Cartridge Music: Of Palimpsests and Parataxis, or How to Make a Mix
James Meyer 49 Nomads
Thomas McEvilley 45 Jannis Kounellis Look Homeward, Angel (You Can’t Go Home Again) Some Nomadic Artworks of the Post-Soviet Era
Rainer Michael Mason 85 Répartir à Zéro
Rainer Michael Mason 9
Gianfranco Maraniello 75 Experiencing Duration. The 2005 Lyon Biennal
Friedemann Malsch 21
Eleonora Louis 34 The Rhetoric of the Body: On Body Language in Art. An Exhibition at the Albertina Graphische Sammlung, Vienna
Maria Lind 54 Spatial Facsimiles and Ambient Spaces. Some Reflections on Site Specificity in Contemporary Art
Kim Levin 25
David Levi Strauss 33
Graham Leggat 48 All of Thes and None of These. The 1996 New York Video Festival
Christy Lange 74 “A Story I Want to Believe”
Donald Kuspit 5
Roman Kurzmeyer 52 Two Journeys to South Korea
Barbara Kruger 1 Roger Spottiswood
Jutta Koether 16 What’s on the Run Stays
Christopher Knight 12 Artful L. A.: New Museums, New Artists, Auld Lang Syne
Udo Kittelmann 49 1 + 1 = 3
Rita Kersting 67 Mimetic Moments
Rachel Kent 75 Bas Jan Ader Pun to Paradox. Bas Jan Ader Revisited
David Joselit 7
Ronald Jones 17 The View from the Chryse Plain
Jürgen Hohmeyer 3
Jens Hoffmann 84 Curating Left and Right
Jens Hoffmann 68 Tino Sehgal This Is Tino Sehgal
Jan Hoet 2
Greg Hilty 66 Art, Science and “the True Mistakes of Metaphor”
Matthias Haldemann 76 Tadashi Kawamata Expanding the Kunsthaus Zug without Putting on Weight. The City as a Social Museum
Thomas Hahn 65 Bauhaus in the Arena
Anthony Haden-Guest 22
Lynn Gumpert 29
Group-Material 26
Alexander van Grevenstein 5
Simon C. Grant 78 Notes from the Wall
Roselee Goldberg 4 Performance in Crisis
Robert Gober 19
Christoph Geissmar 34 The Rhetoric of the Body: On Body Language in Art. An Exhibition at the Albertina Graphische Sammlung, Vienna
Gary Garrels 14
Mark Francis 12 Luciano Fabro A Chart of Life
Kate Fowle 78 Growing Pains
Laszlo F. Földényi 59 The Difficulty of Dialogue
Richard Flood 8 Alfred Stevens
Martha Fleming 42 The Spirit & the Letter & the Evil Eye
Robert Fleck 32
Lauri Firstenberg 67 Notes on Renewed Appropriationisms
Okwui Enwezor 61 Liisa Roberts Phases of a Monument. Liisa Roberts’ Sidewalk
Hunter Drohojowska 34 Mike Kelley / Raymond Pettibon Artists in Pursuit of the Teen Spirit
Wolfgang Drechsler 14
Helmut Draxler 29 Articulatory Practice (The Message as Medium)
Nena Dimitrijevic 4
Steve Dietz 62 Incunabula
Hans Dickel 26 The Finiteness of Freedom. An Exhibition in Berlin, 1990
Chris Dercon 33 Am I Now Getting Sentimental?
David Deitcher 44 Sense and Sentimentality
David Deitcher 21 Andres Serrano
Gary Michael Dault 37 To Dream the Dangers We Are Entertaining
Adrian Dannatt 56 Art Rules
Lynn Crawford 80 Puzzling Out Detroit
Beth Coleman 50/51 Strip Fade Strike. Towards an Aesthetics of Disappearance
Clegg & Guttmann 28
Catherine Chevalier 82 Otra De Vaqueros. Mexiko City and Geneva, 2007
Christophe Chérix 47 Sylvie Fleury A Conversation
Giovanni Carmine 62 San Keller San Keller: Art as a Public Service
Dan Cameron 30 The Accidental Spectator
Dan Cameron 15 The Tyranny of the Avant-Garde
Connie Butler 57 West of Everything
Angela Bulloch 48 Angela Bulloch Pillow Talk in Public Space
Guy Brett 42 New Measures
Lionel Bovier 47 Sylvie Fleury A Conversation
Bernard Blistène 18 A Word to the Wise: Chaos
Jennifer Blessing 53 Acting Out—Learning from Los Angeles
Iwona Blazwick 19 “How did it come to pass that Joseph Albers was selected by the Coca-Cola company as consultant in deciding what shade of red should be used in the Coca-Cola logo?”
Daniel Birnbaum 63 From the White Cube to Super Housten. Five Shows in the Portikus
Daniel Birnbaum 50/51 Where Has All the Madness Gone?
Paolo Bianchi 71 In Praise of Dialogue
Carmen Bernardez 8
Ramon Tio Bellido 23
Nico Baumbach 81 Documentary Operations
Wayne Baerwaldt 71 John Körmeling John Körmeling: The Freedom in Free Space
Yves Aupetitallot 53
Bill Arning 76 Michael Elmgreen Tranformative Vision
Richard Armstrong 10 Fil-o-fax
Jean-Christophe Ammann 13
Joan Acocella 20 Mark Morris Story Hour
Matthew Erickson 90 Hanuman
Stefano Rabolli Pansera 91 Beyond Entropy
David Velasco 91 Cumulus from Kassel
Adriano Pedrosa 92 New Life
Ana Teixeira Pinto 92 Caught in a Conundrum
Angela Vettese 93 Cumulus from Italy
Michael Glasmeier 93 Cumulus from Boston and London
Tom Eccles 100/101 Vito Acconci Vito Acconci is dead
Taylor Renee Aldridge 100/101 We Will Rise from the Ashes