Balkon Texts – Authors List with Artists

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Author Volume Artist Title
John Yau 11 Max Ernst The Charred Voice of Max Ernst
Mark Welzel 76 Denkbilder / Thought Images. Pictures in Motion
Sheena Wagstaff 65 Artemisia Gentileschi Weltering in Blood. Artemisia Gentileschi (1593–1653)
Cecilia Vicuña 52 Cecilia Vicuña Impossible Weavings
Jan Verwoert 82 Without Oedipus
Philip Ursprung 84 Echo Objects. A Book Review
Victor Tupitsyn 83 Immaculate Conceptualism
Klaus Theweleit 71 Sexualized Torture and Breakfast Rolls
Peter Suter 1 Theo Modespacher Mondrian's Goldfish
Fabrice Stroun 73 Steven Parrino Steven Parrino (1958–2005)
Juri Steiner 57 Annelise Coste Fouiller entre les mots
Juri Steiner 53 Jason Rhoades Roth on the Rhoades. In Memoriam Dieter Roth
Juri Steiner 50/51 Damien Hirst Divide et Impera
Jeanne Silverthorne 32 Talk o’the Town
Dieter Schwarz 8 Dieter Roth Food for Thought
Rudolf Schmitz 75 Johannes Gachnang Goodbye Johnny. Johannes Gachnang, 1939–2005
Peter Schjeldahl 7 The Happy and the Unhappy
Jack Sal 80 Jack Sal Whitewashing the Past: The Restoration of Memory
Stella Rollig 61 Markus Schinwald Puzzling the Connoisseur
Sergio Risaliti 69 Rodney Graham Sunset Boulevard. Rodney Graham’s Rheinmetall/Victoria-8
Ned Rifkin 27 Yves Klein Between the Leap and the Fall
René Ricard 22 The Pledge of Allegiance
Hans Rudolf Reust 68 Thomas Struth “Partner Pictures”. On Thomas Struth’s New Video: Read this like Seeing it for the First Time ...
Tineke Reijnders 70 A Whole Life in One Minute
Nancy Princenthal 14 The White Cube Dissolves
Alexander Popper 36 The Applied Art of Animal Breeding
Christian Pfluger 5 “der Plan” In the Picture-Forest
Michael Oppitz 63 Robert Powell Drawing as Visual Anthropology
Roberto Ohrt 42 Michel Würthle Intriguing Artists
Novalis 9 (Traduction:), (Übersetzung:), (Translation:) “Hymns to the Night”
Michelle Nicol 59 The Now Idea: Embroidery
Daniele Muscionico 67 Patrick Weidmann Autoeroticism
Bernard Marcadé 24 The Corrida: Passion as Geometry
Guido Magnaguagno 53 Jason Rhoades Roth on the Rhoades. In Memoriam Dieter Roth
Lisa Liebmann 43 Whirling Dervishes
Andrei Kovaljow 25 Jean Tinguely Meta-Tinguely or Pandora’s Box on the Bank of the Moscow River
Ursula Pia Jauch 31 Prayer on California’s Magic Mountain
Rebecca Horn 4 Rebecca Horn Buster’s Bedroom (First Scene from the Scenario)
Jennifer Higgie 81 Two Covers
Dave Hickey 20 Andy Warhol Getting It Exactly Wrong. Andy’s Kindergarten for Connoisseurs
Martin Heller 46 Humanity Transcended. A Book Review (Heather Busch, Burton Silver, “Why Cats Paint. A Theory of Feline Aesthetics”)
Jan T. Gross 80 Jack Sal Whitewashing the Past: The Restoration of Memory
Tim Griffin 81 Two Covers
Claudia Gould 35 Tadashi Kawamata Kawamata’s “Miracle”
Helmut Friedel 12 Otto Künzli Otto Künzli: “Chain” 1985/86
Martin Frank 6 Pop and Poetry
Richard Flood 30 Silvana Mangano December, 1989. After the Fact
Richard Flood 23 Val Lewton The Dog and the Suicide
Richard Flood 17 Down the Airshaft
Richard Flood 13 Romance Language
Peter Fleissig 26 The Late Twentieth Century
Knut Ebeling 58 Hans Peter Kuhn What's up with... Hans Peter Kuhn?
Christoph Doswald 48 Ian Anüll From Art to Lifestyle and Back Again
Diedrich Diederichsen 2 About Love & Happiness
Edit de Ak 3 Notes of an Art Critic
Bice Curiger 18 Sigmar Polke Sigmar Polke’s Heat-Sensitive Mural at the ARC, Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris
Bice Curiger 10 Mario Botta Mario Botta in Conversation with Bice Curiger
Danielle Bazzi 15 Butchery and Slaughter
Edward Ball 34 Jaron Lanier Interviewed by Edward Ball
Laura Arici 39 Reality as Forgery?
Mark Welzel 97 Photography in the Expanded Field
Marina Warner 100/101 Floored by Wonder