Miscellaneous Artists

Artist Author Volume Title Section
Seth Price Daniel Baumann 88 Real Cheating, a Conversation with Seth Price Miscellaneous / Varia
Bruce Nauman Jörg Zutter 27 Alienation of the Self, Command of the Other. In the Work of Bruce Nauman Cumulus
Thomas Huber Jörg Zutter 14 From Evolution to Devolution. Thomas Huber’s “Prehistory of Images” Miscellaneous / Varia
Andro Wekua Tirdad Zolghadr 78 Speech Bubbles. Notes on Andro Wekua Miscellaneous / Varia
Ernst Caramelle Denys Zacharopoulos 9 Ernst Caramelle Miscellaneous / Varia
Malcolm Morley John Yau 3 Malcolm Morley Bids Farewell to Crete Miscellaneous / Varia
Max Ernst John Yau 11 The Charred Voice of Max Ernst Balkon
Mark Leckey Catherine Wood 70 Horror Vacui* The Subject as Image in Mark Leckey’s “Parade” Les Infos du Paradis
Barnett Newman Camiel van Winkel 31 Red, Yellow and Blue. A Quest for the Real Thing Les Infos du Paradis
Jane & Louise Wilson Gilda Williams 58 Jane & Louise Wilson in the Light of the Gothic Tradition Miscellaneous / Varia
Gillian Wearing Gilda Williams 52 Wah-Wah: The Sound of Crying or the Sound of an Electric Guitar. The Work of Gillian Wearing Miscellaneous / Varia
Jean-Michel Othoniel Edmund White 52 Jean-Michel Othoniel. The Interpretation of Desires Miscellaneous / Varia
Prince Edmund White 5 Prince at Play Miscellaneous / Varia
Felix Vallotton Max Wechsler 83 The Naked Nude Miscellaneous / Varia
Christoph Rütimann Max Wechsler 47 Juggling with Gravity. On the Art of Christoph Rütimann Miscellaneous / Varia
Adrian Schiess Max Wechsler 38 On the Flowing out of the Picture into the Overflow of the Painting. The Art of Adrian Schiess Miscellaneous / Varia
Imi Knoebel Max Wechsler 17 Imi Knoebel: The Surveyal of Sensations Miscellaneous / Varia
Michael Clark Gray Watson 23 Michael Clark’s Heterospective Les Infos du Paradis
Derek Jarman Gray Watson 11 Derek Jarman Miscellaneous / Varia
Erwin Wurm Roland Wäspe 46 Playing Pinball. Erwin Wurm’s Concept of Sculpture Miscellaneous / Varia
Susan Hiller Marina Warner 33 Penis Plenty Phallic Lack: Exit Mister Punch Miscellaneous / Varia
Chris Burden Frazer Ward 60 The Technology We Deserve Cumulus
Richard Prince Brian Wallis 6 Mindless Pleasure. Richard Prince’s Fictions Miscellaneous / Varia
Lynne Tillmans Brian Wallis 5 An Absence of Vision and Drama Miscellaneous / Varia
Richard Serra Neville Wakefield 52 Richard Serra’s “Torqued Ellipses” Miscellaneous / Varia
Robert Smithson Neville Wakefield 43 Yucatan is Elsewhere. On Robert Smithson’s “Hotel Palenque” Les Infos du Paradis
Matthew Barney Neville Wakefield 39 Matthew Barney’s Fornication with the Fabric of Space Miscellaneous / Varia
Marcel Duchamp Marc-Olivier Wahler 79 Zero Gravity Art. (Didier Cuche and Marcel Duchamp) Cumulus
Artemisia Gentileschi Sheena Wagstaff 65 Weltering in Blood. Artemisia Gentileschi (1593–1653) Balkon
Vija Celmins Sheena Wagstaff 32 Vija Celmins Miscellaneous / Varia
Sophie Calle Sheena Wagstaff 24 C’est mon Plaisir. Such is My Pleasure/Such is My Will. The Motto beneath the Symbol of Immortality, the Phoenix, Emblazoned on the Seal of Isabella Stewart Gardner, Fenway Court, Boston, 1901 Miscellaneous / Varia
Lucas Cranach Mark von Schlegell 82 New Ages Cumulus
Maria Nordman Theodora Vischer 29 Moveable Structure/House in an Open Place. Maria Nordman and Theodora Vischer in Conversation, June 1991 Miscellaneous / Varia
Jacques Herzog Theodora Vischer 20 Architecture by Herzog & de Meuron. A Conversation between Jacques Herzog und Theodora Vischer Les Infos du Paradis
Vivian Suter Theodora Vischer 1 Vivian Suter Miscellaneous / Varia
Cecilia Vicuña Cecilia Vicuña 52 Impossible Weavings Balkon
Chris Verene Chris Verene 64 You ’re in Trouble if You ’re Eating your Own Seed Corn. Chris Verene interviewed by A. M. Homes Miscellaneous / Varia
David Lynch Various authors 28 (Why) Is David Lynch Important? A Parkett-Inquiry Les Infos du Paradis
Corey McCorkle Christina Végh 74 Cosmic Fiction an Function. The Promise of Corey McCorkle’s Work Miscellaneous / Varia
Markéta Othova Christina Végh 65 Sleepwalking in Narrated Silence Les Infos du Paradis
Elizabeth Peyton Mark van de Walle 50/51 Contract with a Coldhearted Muse Miscellaneous / Varia
Charles Long Mark van de Walle 48 Back to the Future. Charles Long & Stereolab Miscellaneous / Varia
Lucy McKenzie Dominic van den Boogerd 74 At Work. Lucy McKenzie Miscellaneous / Varia
Aernout Mik Dominic van den Boogerd 70 Choreography of Chaos. Aernout Mik’s In Two Minds Miscellaneous / Varia
Allan Kaprow Philip Ursprung 62 Household. Allan Kaprow’s Economy Miscellaneous / Varia
Gerhard Richter Jan Thorn-Prikker 19 Gerhard Richter “Oktober 18, 1977” Miscellaneous / Varia
Wols Jan Thorn-Prikker 18 Photographs by Wols Miscellaneous / Varia
Jeremy Deller Nato Thompson 74 Jeremy Deller: For the Love of the People Miscellaneous / Varia
The Atlas Group Nato Thompson 66 A Museum of Lies Cumulus
Joan Jonas Carolee Thea 70 Joan Jonas Cumulus
Marcel Duchamp Ann Temkin 23 Cumulus
James Rosenquist Paul Taylor 28 Interview with James Rosenquist Miscellaneous / Varia
Chantal Akerman Michael Tarantino 45 It’s Not Just an Image. A Conversation with Chantal Akerman Miscellaneous / Varia
David Cronenburg Bette Talvacchia 26 “Dead Ringers” Dissected: Some Images Les Infos du Paradis
Edward Krasinski Adam Szymczyk 81 Shot at Breast Height Cumulus
Theo Modespacher Peter Suter 1 Mondrian's Goldfish Balkon
Fischerspooner Ali Subotnick 59 Back to the Future Les Infos du Paradis
Steven Parrino Fabrice Stroun 73 Steven Parrino (1958–2005) Balkon
Ei Arakawa Josef Strau 84 Ei Arakawa: A Non-Administrative Performance Mistery Miscellaneous / Varia
Louise Bourgeois Robert Storr 9 Meanings, Materials and Milieu. Reflections on Recent Work by Louise Bourgeois Miscellaneous / Varia
Elizabeth Murray Robert Storr 8 Added Dimension Miscellaneous / Varia
Dieter Roth Robert Storr 65 Lovesickness. The Correspondence Between Dieter Roth & Dorothy Iannone Miscellaneous / Varia
Seydou Keita Robert Storr 49 Bamako: Full Dress Parade Miscellaneous / Varia
Louise Lawler Robert Storr 22 Louise Lawler. Unpacking the White Cube Miscellaneous / Varia
Nancy Spero Robert Storr 14 Peripheral Visions Miscellaneous / Varia
Felix Müller Toni Stooss 2 “Felix” Six Moments of Encounter with a Being of the Third Kind Miscellaneous / Varia
Annelise Coste Juri Steiner 57 Fouiller entre les mots Balkon
Jason Rhoades Juri Steiner 53 Roth on the Rhoades. In Memoriam Dieter Roth Balkon
Damien Hirst Juri Steiner 50/51 Divide et Impera Balkon
Emma Kunz Juri Steiner 47 Penta’s Parabolas Miscellaneous / Varia
Haim Steinbach Haim Steinbach 14 The Joy of Tapping Our Feet Miscellaneous / Varia
Per Kirkeby Jacqueline von Sprecher 4 Materialness and Figuration. On Per Kirkeby’s “Prototypes” Miscellaneous / Varia
Erik Steinbrecher Claudia Spinelli 77 You Clod You, I'll Show You! Miscellaneous / Varia
Fabrice Gygi Claudia Spinelli 63 Reports from the Battle Zone Miscellaneous / Varia
Meredith Monk Nancy Spector 23 The Anti-Narrative: Meredith Monk’s Theater -
Richard Serra Michael Sorkin 6 Art Squads Cumulus
Andreas Slominski Noemi Smolik 44 The Trap Slams Shut. Surprised by Andreas Slominski Miscellaneous / Varia
Robert MacPherson Trevor Smith 76 Language Made Material. The Recent Work of Robert MacPherson Miscellaneous / Varia
David Bunn Howard Singerman 60 The Body in the Library Miscellaneous / Varia
Harrell Fletcher Debra Singer 73 A Post-Biennial Post-Script Cumulus
Jean Painlevé Jason Simon 44 Jean Painlevé and Mark Dion Miscellaneous / Varia
Julian Schnabel Jeanne Silverthorne 11 Cumulus
Brock Enright Jeremy Sigler 82 Conrad Brock Enright: In Over His Head Miscellaneous / Varia
Jockum Nordström Lytle Shaw 74 Orgies of Modernization: Nordström’s Exemplary World Miscellaneous / Varia
Donald Judd Richard Serra 40/41 Donald Judd, 1928-1994 Miscellaneous / Varia
Simon Starling Troy Selvaratnam 67 The Starling Variations Miscellaneous / Varia
Dieter Roth Dieter Schwarz 8 Food for Thought Balkon
James Coleman Dieter Schwarz 25 James Coleman. “Charon” Miscellaneous / Varia
Cindy Sherman Gabriele Schor 78 Cindy’s Original Scene. Doll Clothes. Sherman’s Early Films Miscellaneous / Varia
Angela Bulloch Nadia Schneider 48 Pillow Talk in Public Space Cumulus
Johannes Gachnang Rudolf Schmitz 75 Goodbye Johnny. Johannes Gachnang, 1939–2005 Balkon
Fernando Melani Rudolf Schmitz 57 Fernando Melani: Art and Habitat Les Infos du Paradis
Alexander Kluge Rudolf Schmitz 55 Universal Wisdom at the Bewitching Hour on Private TV Miscellaneous / Varia
John Chamberlain Rudolf Schmitz 29 Forever Young. John Chamberlain in Baden-Baden Miscellaneous / Varia
Keith Edmier Christian Scheidemann 81 Keith Edmier. The Original and its Digestion Miscellaneous / Varia
Mike Parr Edward A. Scheer 62 The Veil of the Liminal. Mike Parr’s Brides Miscellaneous / Varia
Kimmo Sarje Kimmo Sarje 24 To me, Aalto’s vase is aesthetically equivalent to Malevich’s black square Cumulus
John Knight Jay Sanders 86 John Knight in Conversation with Jay Sanders Miscellaneous / Varia
Clegg & Guttmann Daniela Salvioni 49 Clegg & Guttmann’s Social Sculpture Miscellaneous / Varia
Mario Botta Daniela Salvioni 43 SFMOMA Cumulus
Jack Sal Jack Sal 80 Whitewashing the Past: The Restoration of Memory Balkon
Marcel Duchamp Ralph Rugoff 32 Inside the White Clinic Cumulus
Eija-Liisa Ahtila Beatrix Ruf 55 Hybrid Realities. Eija-Liisa Ahtila’s “Human Dramas” Miscellaneous / Varia
Jason Dodge Angela Rosenberg 73 Where Is Wickerfinn Lutz? Miscellaneous / Varia
Michael Asher Anne Rorimer 30 Michael Asher: Three Recent Works Miscellaneous / Varia
Markus Schinwald Stella Rollig 61 Puzzling the Connoisseur Balkon
Markus Raetz Claude Ritschard 42 Recent Sculptures of Markus Raetz. On the Subject of Metamorphoses Les Infos du Paradis
Rémy Zaugg Claude Ritschard 31 Rémy Zaugg. Three or Four French Windows (the Lake, Boats, the Shore, the Hotels, the Alps...) A Self-Portrait. Postscript to an Exhibition Miscellaneous / Varia
Pierre Klossowski Claude Ritschard 29 Pierre Klossowski. New Apparitions of the Baphomet Miscellaneous / Varia
John M Armleder Claude Ritschard 27 “Controlled Disorder” in Several Recent Works of John M Armleder Miscellaneous / Varia
Grazia Toderi Sergio Risaliti 77 Infinite Entertainment Miscellaneous / Varia
Rodney Graham Sergio Risaliti 69 Sunset Boulevard. Rodney Graham’s Rheinmetall/Victoria-8 Balkon
Yves Klein Ned Rifkin 27 Between the Leap and the Fall Balkon
Joanne Greenbaum Lyle Rexer 80 Joanne Greenbaum: Infant Paradise Miscellaneous / Varia
Gregor Schneider Hans Rudolf Reust 76 The Black Hole of Political Codes. Gregor Schneider’s Cubes Les Infos du Paradis
Peter Regli Hans Rudolf Reust 72 Global Scrabble Cumulus
Thomas Struth Hans Rudolf Reust 68 “Partner Pictures”. On Thomas Struth’s New Video: Read this like Seeing it for the First Time ... Balkon
Luc Tuymans Hans Rudolf Reust 37 Silent Music. Confrontations with Lost Meaning. On the Painting of Luc Tuymans Miscellaneous / Varia
Auguste Rodin Sascha Renner 80 The Other Side of the Gates of Hell Les Infos du Paradis
Tino Seghal Reimut Reiche 81 Tino Sehgal. The Current Lop in the Endless Spiral of Iconoclasm Miscellaneous / Varia
Ian Kiaer Christian Rattemeyer 80 Ian Kiaer. Landscape and Model Miscellaneous / Varia
Christopher Williams Christian Rattemeyer 77 Christopher Williams Miscellaneous / Varia
Carlos Amorales Christian Rattemeyer 63 Method Masking Cumulus
David Rabinowitch David Rabinowitch 27 The Gift of Grace. David Rabinowitch and Hans-Ulrich Obrist: A Conversation Miscellaneous / Varia
André Thomkins Renate Puvogel 23 André Thomkins. 1930–1985. The World in a Distorting Mirror Miscellaneous / Varia
Dan Flavin Renate Puvogel 22 Dan Flavin and Donald Judd at the Kunsthalle Baden-Baden Miscellaneous / Varia
Alice Neel Nancy Princenthal 16 About Faces: Alice Neel’s Portraits Miscellaneous / Varia
Scott Burton Nancy Princenthal 10 Scott Burton Miscellaneous / Varia
Richard Prince Richard Prince 6 “Anyone Who is Anyone” Miscellaneous / Varia
Sigmar Polke Sigmar Polke 26 Poison is Effective; Painting is Not. Bice Curiger in Conversation with Sigmar Polke Miscellaneous / Varia
“der Plan” Christian Pfluger 5 In the Picture-Forest Balkon
Vito Acconci Marjorie Perloff 78 Vito Acconci. Conceptual Poetry: Old and New Miscellaneous / Varia
A. R. Penck A. R. Penck 10 The Secret Battle, 1977 Miscellaneous / Varia
Olivier Mosset Vincent Pécoil 76 Olivier Mosset: What Painting Is Not Miscellaneous / Varia
Spencer Sweeney Jesse Pearson 69 I Do This, I Do That. The Personality Artist and Heavy Metal Dandyism Cumulus
Magazzini Criminali Production Ida Panicelli 3 Dissolving Rhythms. More Words about Mirages: Magazzini Criminali Production Miscellaneous / Varia
Eva Hesse Ursula Panhans-Bühler 36 “Learn to Wriggle, Death.” Trickster Eva Hesse (1936–1970) -
Erwin Wurm Abraham Orden 78 Erwin Wurm. Beginning with a Single Step Miscellaneous / Varia
Robert Powell Michael Oppitz 63 Drawing as Visual Anthropology Balkon
Hyacinthe Rigaud Michel Onfray 50/51 The Mirrors of Narcissus at the Theatre Miscellaneous / Varia
Hanne Darboven Sibylle Omlin 67 My Work Ends in Music. Hanne Darboven’s Notations as Musical Works Miscellaneous / Varia
Monica Bonvicini Roberto Ohrt 66 Tripe under Attack Les Infos du Paradis
Michel Würthle Roberto Ohrt 42 Intriguing Artists Balkon
Chris Ofili Chris Ofili 58 Deep Shit. An Interview with Chris Ofili Miscellaneous / Varia
Salvador Dali Albert Oehlen 4 My dear little chap, let us stay together for ever Miscellaneous / Varia
Markus Lüpertz Jean Odermatt 4 Synchroncitation. Markus Lüpertz’ “New York Diary 1984” Miscellaneous / Varia
Loie Fuller Brygida Ochaim 9 Loie Fuller: “The Solist of the Dancing Color” Miscellaneous / Varia
Fabrice Hybert Hans Ulrich Obrist 43 Inter-View Miscellaneous / Varia
David Rabinowitch Hans Ulrich Obrist 27 The Gift of Grace. David Rabinowitch and Hans-Ulrich Obrist: A Conversation Miscellaneous / Varia
Roman Signer Hans Ulrich Obrist 26 Roman Signer’s Concept of Sculpture Miscellaneous / Varia
Bernhard Frize Hans Ulrich Obrist 68 The Taming of the Demiurg. A Conversation with Bernhard Frize Miscellaneous / Varia
John Soane Hans Ulrich Obrist 57 Retrace Your Steps: Remember Tomorrow. An Exhibition in Sir John Soane’s Museum Cumulus
Maria Nordman Maria Nordman 29 Moveable Structure/House in an Open Place. Maria Nordman and Theodora Vischer in Conversation, June 1991 Miscellaneous / Varia
Jana Sterbak Richard Noble 35 Chaos and Self-Creation in the Art of Jana Sterbak Miscellaneous / Varia
Annika Larsson Hakan Nilsson 64 Dominance and Submission Miscellaneous / Varia
Gilbert & George Martijn van Nieuwenhuyzen 38 Gilbert & George in China Les Infos du Paradis
Walter Pfeiffer Michelle Nicol 71 Walterday Miscellaneous / Varia
Ridge Forester Michelle Nicol 55 The Concept of the Original Is Obsolete. Wurm v. Forester Cumulus
Sam Samore Michelle Nicol 50/51 More Allure Please Miscellaneous / Varia
Carsten Höller Michelle Nicol 43 Carsten Höller—Getting Real Miscellaneous / Varia
Trisha Brown Louise Neri 74 Trisha Brown: Esprit de Corps Les Infos du Paradis
Not Vital Louise Neri 33 Not Vital: Common Currency (Interview) Les Infos du Paradis
Bill Viola Michael Nash 20 Eye and I: Bill Viola's Double Vision Miscellaneous / Varia
Patrick Weidmann Daniele Muscionico 67 Autoeroticism Balkon
Carolee Schneemann Jay Murphy 50/51 Assimilating the Unassimilable. Carolee Schneemann in Relation to Antonin Artaud Miscellaneous / Varia
Diane Arbus Susan Morgan 47 Loitering with Intent. Diane Arbus at the Movies Les Infos du Paradis
Boyd Webb Stuart Morgan 9 Paper Moon Miscellaneous / Varia
Joseph Beuys Stuart Morgan 7 Interview with Joseph Beuys Miscellaneous / Varia
Chris Ofili Paul D. Miller 58 Deep Shit. An Interview with Chris Ofili Miscellaneous / Varia
Shirin Neshat Paul D. Miller 54 Motion Capture. Shirin Neshat’s “Turbulents” Miscellaneous / Varia
Hannah Villiger Christiane Meyer-Thoss 8 Hannah Villiger: Sculptress Miscellaneous / Varia
Mario Merz Beatrice Merz 5 “The Big Pot” Miscellaneous / Varia
Susan Philipsz Burkhard Meltzer 83 The End of the Gesamtkunstwerk. Susan Philipsz’s Sound Pieces in Space Miscellaneous / Varia
Christian Dior Dieter Meier 1 Christian Dior—Sculpteur. A Hymn Miscellaneous / Varia
Geoff Lowe Robyn McKenzie 45 Geoff Lowe and Tower Hill Miscellaneous / Varia
Stephen Ellis Patrick McGrath 34 Abstract Monsters Miscellaneous / Varia
Jannis Kounellis Thomas McEvilley 45 Look Homeward, Angel (You Can’t Go Home Again) Some Nomadic Artworks of the Post-Soviet Era Cumulus
Fiona Banner Francis Mc Kee 71 Beyond Words Miscellaneous / Varia
Robert Gober Bernard Marcadé 53 The Virgin Has Descended the Stairs. Remarks on a Contemporary Parable -
Ian Hamilton Finlay Bernard Marcadé 14 Ian Hamilton Finlay or a Spoilsport in Dialectical Speculations Miscellaneous / Varia
Guillermo Calzadilla Jaleh Mansoor 80 The Sediment of History. An Interview with Allora and Calzadilla Miscellaneous / Varia
Georg Herold Friedemann Malsch 15 Nothing’s Final—the Sculptural Principle—Flight into Mania. Thoughts on the Roles of Form and Material in Georg Herold’s Work Miscellaneous / Varia
Jason Rhoades Guido Magnaguagno 53 Roth on the Rhoades. In Memoriam Dieter Roth Balkon
Gerard Byrne Caoimhin Mac Giolla Léith 77 Gerard Byrne: Once More, Without Feeling Miscellaneous / Varia
Anselm Stalder Ulrich Loock 6 Figures and Patterns of Arrangement. On the Work of Anselm Stalder, on the Occasion of his Exhibition “Der Figurenmagnet und die Flüssigkeit zur Auflösung der Figur” (The Figure Magnet and the Fluid for Dissolving the Figure) in the Wilhelm-Lehmbruck-Museum in Duisburg, June 30 – August 18, 1985 Miscellaneous / Varia
Thomas Struth Ulrich Loock 23 Thomas Struth: “Unconscious Places” Miscellaneous / Varia
Sturtevant Michael Lobel 75 Sturtevant: Inappropriate Appropriation Miscellaneous / Varia
Hans-Peter Feldmann Werner Lippert 22 Various Small Fires in the Gutenberg Galaxy Miscellaneous / Varia
Thomas Struth James Lingwood 50/51 Open Vision Miscellaneous / Varia
David Ireland Marie-Louise Lienhard 29 You Can’t Make Art by Making Art. David Ireland in Switzerland Les Infos du Paradis
Robert Gober Lisa Liebmann 21 The Case of Robert Gober Miscellaneous / Varia
Katharina Fritsch Valeria Liebermann 53 A Dud Les Infos de l'Enfer
Larry Clark Jim Lewis 32 Larry Clark—What Is This? Miscellaneous / Varia
Richard Prince James Lewis 28 Richard Prince: Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction Miscellaneous / Varia
Christian Marclay Thomas Y. Levin 56 Indexicality Concrète. The Aesthetic Politics of Christian Marclay’s Gramophonia Miscellaneous / Varia
Joseph Beuys David Levi Strauss 26 American Beuys: “I Like America & America Likes Me” Miscellaneous / Varia
Robert Frank Vince Leo 42 Robert Frank: From Compromise to Collaboration Miscellaneous / Varia
Lawrence Weiner Edward Leffingwell 30 When You Offer Stones You Get Stones. A Text by Edward Leffingwell Illustrated with Lawrence Weiner Miscellaneous / Varia
Christian Boltanski Gilbert Lascault 9 Twelve Observations on Christian Boltanski’s Shadows and Monuments Miscellaneous / Varia
Mark Luyten Luk Lambrecht 44 A Wordscape Miscellaneous / Varia
Gelitin Herbert Lachmayer 79 Inspiring Decadence Miscellaneous / Varia
Franz West Herbert Lachmayer 24 Potentially Inaccessible—Factually Accessible. On Franz West Miscellaneous / Varia
Silvie Defraoui Daniel Kurjakovic 72 Wind and Fire Rising Within Miscellaneous / Varia
Bojan Sarcevic Daniel Kurjakovic 68 Near to Something and Nothing and Something Miscellaneous / Varia
Marie José Burki Daniel Kurjakovic 44 Le tremblement de l’être (The Shudder of Being) Miscellaneous / Varia
Dana Reitz Carin Kuoni 30 Overstepping Les Infos du Paradis
Roger Spottiswood Barbara Kruger 1 Cumulus
Louise Lawler Andrea Kroksnes 57 Louise Lawler: Specters of Modernism Miscellaneous / Varia
Gilles Peress Max Kozloff 15 Gilles Peress and the Politics of Space Miscellaneous / Varia
François Boucher Andrei Kovaljow 30 A Moscow Lover of the Arts Devoted to François Boucher Writes a Letter to Bice Curiger Miscellaneous / Varia
Jean Tinguely Andrei Kovaljow 25 Meta-Tinguely or Pandora’s Box on the Bank of the Moscow River Balkon
Mike Kelley Jutta Koether 24 C-Culture and B-Culture Miscellaneous / Varia
Katharina Fritsch Jutta Koether 13 Katharina Fritsch. Elephant. Exhibition at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Museum, Krefeld Miscellaneous / Varia
Stephan Balkenhol Dieter Koepplin 22 Stephan Balkenhol Miscellaneous / Varia
John Knight John Knight 86 A Conversation with Jay Sanders Miscellaneous / Varia
Paul Etienne Lincoln Elisabeth Kley 61 Sunbeams from Cucumbers Miscellaneous / Varia
Burt Barr Klaus Kertess 39 In the Pool Miscellaneous / Varia
Trisha Brown Klaus Kertess 20 Space Travel with Trisha Brown Miscellaneous / Varia
William Kentridge William Kentridge 54 Truth and Responsibility. A Conversation with William Kentridge Les Infos du Paradis
Bas Jan Ader Rachel Kent 75 Pun to Paradox. Bas Jan Ader Revisited Cumulus
Walter De Maria Thomas Kellein 32 The Work of Art as the Ideal Center for Human Beings. Walter De Maria’s “The 2000 Sculpture” Miscellaneous / Varia
Kiki Smith Vincent Katz 71 Kiki Smith’s Logophilia Miscellaneous / Varia
Augusto de Campos Vincent Katz 59 Brazilian Concrete Poetry Miscellaneous / Varia
Alex Katz Vincent Katz 54 “One Flight Up” Miscellaneous / Varia
Rudy Burckhardt Vincent Katz 48 Rudy Burckhardt. A Short Biographical Sketch Miscellaneous / Varia
Allan Kaprow Allan Kaprow 62 Allan Kaprow, Household Miscellaneous / Varia
Richard Hawkins Philipp Kaiser 84 Richard Hawkins. Infinitly Desired Miscellaneous / Varia
Johanna Billing Philipp Kaiser 76 Magical Worlds. Johanna Billing’s Video Work Miscellaneous / Varia
Amelie von Wulffen Philipp Kaiser 69 Amelie von Wulffen—Ruins Present Miscellaneous / Varia
Wols Volker Kahmen 18 Volker Kahmen, Georg Heusch, Jan Thorn-Prikker. A Discussion of Wols’ Photographs Miscellaneous / Varia
Erik Bulatow Claudia Jolles 12 “Idu”—“I am Going” Erik Bulatov’s Vision of Space Miscellaneous / Varia
Dirk Skreber Gregor Jansen 68 Securing Insecutity. On the Work of Dirk Skreber Miscellaneous / Varia
Jules Spinatsch Martin Jaeggi 81 Backstage with “Reality” Miscellaneous / Varia
Elaine Reicheck Jo Anna Isaak 34 Who’s “We,” White Man? Les Infos du Paradis
Rémy Zaugg Felix Philipp Ingold 19 The Speaking Image. Pictorial Perception and Pictorial Constitution in Rémy Zaugg’s Work Miscellaneous / Varia
William Wegman Gary Indiana 4 Wegman contra Landseer. Just What is it about the Paintings of Edwin Landseer that Makes Them so Interesting, so Different? Miscellaneous / Varia
Francesco Clemente Gary Indiana 2 Some Answers by Francesco Clemente Les Infos du Paradis
Asta Gröting Gudrun Inboden 34 Asta Gröting Miscellaneous / Varia
Fabrice Hybert Fabrice Hybert 43 Inter-View Miscellaneous / Varia
Barbara Bloom Annemarie Hürlimann 19 In Between. On a New Publication by Barbara Bloom Miscellaneous / Varia
Thomas Ruff Hanna Humeltenberg 19 The Magic of Reality in Thomas Ruff's Pictures Miscellaneous / Varia
Rebecca Horn Rebecca Horn 4 Buster’s Bedroom (First Scene from the Scenario) Balkon
Chris Verene A. M. Homes 64 You’re in Trouble if You’re Eating your Own Seed Corn. Chris Verene interviewed by A. M. Homes Miscellaneous / Varia
Tino Sehgal Jens Hoffmann 68 This Is Tino Sehgal Cumulus
Bruce Connor Faye Hirsch 48 Up Above My Head. Consciousness and Habitation in the Graphic Work of Bruce Connor Miscellaneous / Varia
Rebecca Warren Greg Hilty 70 Rebecca Warren: She Miscellaneous / Varia
Jeremy Deller Greg Hilty 60 4 Real. Jeremy Deller and the Uses of Art Miscellaneous / Varia
Cerith Wyn Evans Greg Hilty 56 We Go Round and Round in the Night and Are Consumed by Fire Miscellaneous / Varia
Andy Warhol Dave Hickey 20 Getting It Exactly Wrong. Andy’s Kindergarten for Connoisseurs Balkon
Wols Georg Heusch 18 Volker Kahmen, Georg Heusch, Jan Thorn-Prikker. A Discussion of Wols’ Photographs Miscellaneous / Varia
Jacques Herzog Jacques Herzog 20 Architecture by Herzog & de Meuron. A Conversation between Jacques Herzog and Theodora Vischer Les Infos du Paradis
Susann Walder Anna Helwing 58 Susann Walder. Alchemist of the Everyday Les Infos du Paradis
Barnett Newman Peter Halley 16 On Barnett Newman: Peter Halley and Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe Talk Miscellaneous / Varia
Tadashi Kawamata Matthias Haldemann 76 Expanding the Kunsthaus Zug without Putting on Weight. The City as a Social Museum Cumulus
Woster Group Kathy Halbreich 17 Real Abstract Theater: The Wooster Group Miscellaneous / Varia
Jürgen Partenheimer Amine Haase 12 Jürgen Partenheimer. Wanderer between the Worlds Miscellaneous / Varia
Pavel Pepperstein Boris Groys 55 Pavel Pepperstein: The Artist as a Subculture Miscellaneous / Varia
Jack Sal Jan T. Gross 80 Whitewashing the Past: The Restoration of Memory Balkon
Matt Mullican Paul Groot 17 Matt Mullican Miscellaneous / Varia
Johan Grimonprez Johan Grimonprez 53 Supermarket History. Johan Grimonprez Interviewed by Catherine Bernard Miscellaneous / Varia
Merce Cunningham Robert Greskovic 52 Invisible Scenario Les Infos du Paradis
Patti Smith David Greenberg 62 Illuminations. The Drawings of Patti Smith Les Infos du Paradis
Donald Baechler David Greenberg 57 Surface to Air. The Collage Paintings of Donald Baechler Miscellaneous / Varia
Axel Kasseböhmer Walter Grasskamp 39 Kasseböhmer’s Trees Miscellaneous / Varia
Armando Antje von Graevenitz 6 Armando, the Poet Miscellaneous / Varia
Tadashi Kawamata Claudia Gould 35 Kawamata’s “Miracle” Balkon
Douglas Gordon Douglas Gordon 44 Liam Gillick and Douglas Gordon Miscellaneous / Varia
Liz Larner Kirby Gookin 36 Dimensions Variable: Liz Larner Miscellaneous / Varia
Peter Hujar Nan Goldin 44 Peter Hujar Miscellaneous / Varia
Tania Bruguera Roselee Goldberg 73 Dreaming in Cuban. Tania Bruguera Miscellaneous / Varia
Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker Roselee Goldberg 35 Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker in New York 1991/92 Les Infos du Paradis
Spencer Finch Mark Godfrey 79 Spencer Finch: Measures and Pleasures Miscellaneous / Varia
Gerhard Merz Laszlo Glozer 7 Gerhard Merz. Tivoli. Barer Strasse 9. TRV München Miscellaneous / Varia
Christian Jankowski Marc Glöde 72 Variations on a Theme. The Film Etudes of Christian Jankowski Miscellaneous / Varia
Gabriel Orozco Claude Gintz 39 Orozco in Paris Miscellaneous / Varia
William Forsythe Heidi Gilpin 45 William Forsythe: Where Balance Is Lost and the Unfinished Begins Miscellaneous / Varia
Bethan Huws Liam Gillick 32 Making Work and Turning Your Back on It: Bethan Huws Miscellaneous / Varia
Barnett Newman Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe 16 On Barnett Newman: Peter Halley and Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe Talk Miscellaneous / Varia
Meret Oppenheim Johannes Gachnang 1 A Trip to Genoa. On Meret Oppenheim’s 70th Birthday (October 6, 1983) Les Infos du Paradis
Katharina Grosse Rainer Fuchs 63 Painting: A Game of Relations Miscellaneous / Varia
Otto Künzli Helmut Friedel 12 Otto Künzli: “Chain” 1985/86 Balkon
Dieter Roth Patrick Frey 35 Garbage Clarified. Dieter Roth in Holderbank Miscellaneous / Varia
Werner Büttner Patrick Frey 3 One Light Feeds the Other. Thoughts—My Own and Others’—on Werner Büttner and His Book “The Horrors of Democracy” Miscellaneous / Varia
Jean-Frédéric Schnyder Patrick Frey 25 On Schnyderian Art Miscellaneous / Varia
Reinhard Mucha Patrick Frey 12 Reinhard Mucha. Connections Miscellaneous / Varia
Gilbert & George Patrick Frey 1 In the Strangeness of Their World. Observations to the Film “The World of Gilbert & George” 1980 Miscellaneous / Varia
Matthew Buckingham Anselm Franke 72 Matthew Buckingham Miscellaneous / Varia
Luciano Fabro Mark Francis 12 A Chart of Life Cumulus
Jeff Wall Kurt W. Forster 65 Jeff Wall Looks at the Dominus Winery by Herzog & De Meuron Miscellaneous / Varia
Frank O. Gehry Kurt W. Forster 50/51 Bilbao Song. Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum in Cantabria Les Infos du Paradis
Rudolf Schwarzkogler Laszlo F. Földényi 36 Purgatory of the Senses: Rudolf Schwarzkogler (1940–1969) Miscellaneous / Varia
Alfred Stevens Richard Flood 8 Cumulus
Silvana Mangano Richard Flood 30 December, 1989. After the Fact Balkon
Val Lewton Richard Flood 23 The Dog and the Suicide Balkon
Gilles Deleuze Robert Fleck 46 Gilles Deleuze 1925–1995 Les Infos du Paradis
Judith Barry Jean Fisher 13 The Vampire of the Text. On Judith Barry's Writings Miscellaneous / Varia
Man Ray Guy Fihman 11 Man Ray. Film-Maker or the Movement of Motionlessness Miscellaneous / Varia
Glen Wilson Russell Ferguson 62 Will the Circle Be Unbroken Miscellaneous / Varia
Franz West Brigitte Felderer 24 Potentially Inaccessible—Factually Accessible. On Franz West Miscellaneous / Varia
Grayson Perry Duncan Fallowell 75 Tea with Grayson Perry Miscellaneous / Varia
Meyer Vaisman Trevor Fairbrother 35 Vaisman Flips the Bird Miscellaneous / Varia
Liisa Roberts Okwui Enwezor 61 Phases of a Monument. Liisa Roberts’ Sidewalk Cumulus
William Kentridge Okwui Enwezor 54 Truth and Responsibility. A Conversation with William Kentridge Les Infos du Paradis
Ross Bleckner Stephen Ellis 20 Spleen and Ideal -
Man Ray Claudine Eizykman 11 Man Ray. Film-Maker or the Movement of Motionlessness Miscellaneous / Varia
Joseph Beuys Editors / Redaktion 8 Ein Gespräch/Una Discussione Miscellaneous / Varia
Meret Oppenheim Editors / Redaktion 7 Meret Oppenheim. 6 October 1913–15 November 1985 Miscellaneous / Varia
Martin Kippenberger Editors / Redaktion 49 In Memoriam Martin Kippenberger 1953–1997 Miscellaneous / Varia
Martin Disler Editors / Redaktion 48 Martin Disler 1949-1996 Miscellaneous / Varia
Hannes Brunner Editors / Redaktion 19 Miscellaneous / Varia
Hans Peter Kuhn Knut Ebeling 58 What's up with... Hans Peter Kuhn? Balkon
Kenneth Anger Thomas Dylan Eaton 83 Cinema, Messianism and Crime Les Infos de l'Enfer
Mike Kelley / Raymond Pettibon Hunter Drohojowska 34 Artists in Pursuit of the Teen Spirit Cumulus
Rachel Whiteread Doris von Drahten 38 Rachel Whiteread. Found Form—Lost Object Miscellaneous / Varia
Max Neuhaus Doris von Drahten 35 Max Neuhaus. Invisible Sculpture—Molded Sound Miscellaneous / Varia
Ian Anüll Christoph Doswald 48 From Art to Lifestyle and Back Again Balkon
Allan Sekula Edward Dimendberg 66 Fish Scales-Allan Sekula's Tsukiji Miscellaneous / Varia
Marcel Broodthaers Wilfried Dickhoff 80 Magie. Art et Politique. On the Nowtime of a Book by Marcel Broodthaers Published in 1973 Miscellaneous / Varia
Andreas Schulze Wilfried Dickhoff 8 The Idiot of the Family. On the Aggressive Friendliness in Schulze’s Pictures Miscellaneous / Varia
Enzo Cucchi Mario Diacono 10 Theory of the Occident Miscellaneous / Varia
Dennis Oppenheim G. Roger Denson 33 A Poesy of Diagnostics or the Object-Neurology of Dennis Oppenheim Miscellaneous / Varia
Andres Serrano David Deitcher 21 Cumulus
John Waters Colin De Land 49 A Conversation with John Waters Miscellaneous / Varia
The Three Adrian Dannatt 63 This Text Is a Work of Art -
Xavier Veilhan Véronique D’Auzac de Lamartinie 64 The Logical Work of Xavier Veilhan Miscellaneous / Varia
Theatre Squat Bice Curiger 6 A Minefield Named Desire Les Infos du Paradis
Fischli Weiss Bice Curiger 5 Quiet Afternoon. A Photographic Series (1984/1985) Miscellaneous / Varia
Per Kirkeby Bice Curiger 4 With Kirkeby against “The Affectation of Academic Dispassion” Miscellaneous / Varia
Sigmar Polke Bice Curiger 26 Poison is Effective; Painting is Not. Bice Curiger in Conversation with Sigmar Polke Miscellaneous / Varia
Sigmar Polke Bice Curiger 18 Sigmar Polke’s Heat-Sensitive Mural at the ARC, Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris Balkon
Mario Botta Bice Curiger 10 Mario Botta in Conversation with Bice Curiger Balkon
René Daniels Alain Cueff 15 René Daniels: The Space of Transitive Images Miscellaneous / Varia
Alighiero e Boetti Alain Cueff 13 Alighiero e Boetti: Paradox and Its Double Miscellaneous / Varia
Enzo Cucchi Enzo Cucchi 14 Disappearing Miscellaneous / Varia
Enzo Cucchi Enzo Cucchi 10 1986. Western Parapet Miscellaneous / Varia
Ann Hamilton Laura Cottingham 30 Ann Hamilton: A Sense of Imposition Miscellaneous / Varia
Paul Thek Holland Cotter 27 To be Innocent of Corruptions. Praise the Lord—PAUL THEK Miscellaneous / Varia
Diana Thater Lynne Cooke 56 Diana Thater: On Location Miscellaneous / Varia
Burt Barr Lynne Cooke 39 Burt Barr Les Infos du Paradis
Gary Hill Lynne Cooke 34 Gary Hill: “Who Am I But a Figure of Speech?” -
Richard Hamilton Lynne Cooke 25 Richard Hamilton Miscellaneous / Varia
Tony Cragg Lynne Cooke 18 Tony Cragg: Darkling Light Miscellaneous / Varia
Bill Woodrow Lynne Cooke 12 Bill Woodrow: The Ship of Fools Miscellaneous / Varia
Swetlana Heger Stuart Comer 69 Swetlana Heger—Capitalist Neo-Realism Miscellaneous / Varia
David Shapiro Francesco Clemente 9 The Boy Who Loved Bubbles Miscellaneous / Varia
Sylvie Fleury Christophe Chérix 47 A Conversation Cumulus
Paul Sharits Paul Chan 83 Trembling Before Time: On the Drawings of Paul Sharits Miscellaneous / Varia
San Keller Giovanni Carmine 62 San Keller: Art as a Public Service Cumulus
Salvador Dali Werner Büttner 4 My dear little chap, let us stay together for ever Miscellaneous / Varia
Rachel Harrison Johanna Burton 76 Just Past: Rachel Harrison’s Lagerstätten Miscellaneous / Varia
Blinky Palermo Bernhard Bürgi 3 An Open Look at Blinky Palermo Les Infos du Paradis
Mario Merz Jacqueline Burckhardt 5 Città Irreale -
Giulio Romano Jacqueline Burckhardt 21 Homage to Giulio Romano Miscellaneous / Varia
Dana Reitz Jacqueline Burckhardt 1 Dance about Dance about Me about Us. The American Dance Performer Dana Reitz Miscellaneous / Varia
Angela Bulloch Angela Bulloch 48 Pillow Talk in Public Space Cumulus
Jakob Henri Fischer-Hinnen Carl Brun 13 Der “Bären-Raffael” Les Infos du Paradis
Troy Brauntuch Rosetta Brooks 11 Troy Brauntuch: Life After Dark Miscellaneous / Varia
Annette Messager Elisabeth Bronfen 59 Body Malaise—Annette Messager’s Anatomical Theater Miscellaneous / Varia
Wangechi Mutu Isolde Brielmaier 74 Wangechi Mutu: Re-Imagining the World Miscellaneous / Varia
Stephan von Huene Horst Bredekamp 54 What’s Wrong with Culture? The Art of Stephan von Huene’s Experiments Miscellaneous / Varia
John Miller Lionel Bovier 57 John Miller Miscellaneous / Varia
Sylvie Fleury Lionel Bovier 47 A Conversation Cumulus
Giovanni Anselmo Jean-Pierre Bordaz 7 Giovanni Anselmo: Towards the ARC, Paris. The Exhibition, the Work and Its Indications Miscellaneous / Varia
Imi Knoebel Jean-Pierre Bordaz 31 Imi Knoebel, Isa Genzken, Gerhard Merz: Affinities with Architecture Miscellaneous / Varia
Jenny Holzer Jean-Pierre Bordaz 13 Jenny Holzer and the Spectacle of Communication Miscellaneous / Varia
Hanne Darboven Jean-Pierre Bordaz 10 Hanne Darboven or the Dimension of Time and Culture Miscellaneous / Varia
Mark Wallinger Paul Bonaventura 79 Mark Wallinger: State Britain Miscellaneous / Varia
Wang Fu Hartmut Böhme 67 Wang Fu’s Cycle Prima Materia/Riots Les Infos du Paradis
Jon Kessler Douglas Blau 36 Clockwork (Jon Kessler) Miscellaneous / Varia
Mark Tansey Douglas Blau 13 Where the Telephone Never Rings. Tansey’s “Conversation,” 1986 Miscellaneous / Varia
Teresa Hubbard Konrad Bitterli 65 Floating Images—Enigmatic Narratives. Recent Videos by Hubbard / Birchler Miscellaneous / Varia
Öyvind Fahlström Daniel Birnbaum 46 Öyvind Fahlström’s Final Manipulations Miscellaneous / Varia
Max Ernst Christoph Bignens 77 Happy Hour. Ernst F. Burckhardt, Max Ernst, Max Bill, Sigfried Giedion, Alvar Aalto and the Corso-Dancing in Zurich Les Infos du Paradis
Frank O’Hara Charles Bernstein 84 Is Art Critisism Fifty Years Behind Poetry? Miscellaneous / Varia
Johan Grimonprez Catherine Bernard 53 Supermarket History. Johan Grimonprez Interviewed by Catherine Bernard Miscellaneous / Varia
Barnett Newman Tiffany Bell 16 On Barnett Newman: Peter Halley and Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe Talk Miscellaneous / Varia
Judith Barry Judith Barry 13 Choros -
John Körmeling Wayne Baerwaldt 71 John Körmeling: The Freedom in Free Space Cumulus
Anna Gaskell Jan Avgikos 59 Anna Gaskell’s Girl Art -
Robert Ashley Robert Ashley 29 On “Perfect Lives.” An Opera for Television -
Michael Elmgreen Bill Arning 76 Tranformative Vision Cumulus
Francesca Woodman Brunella Antomarini 15 Francesca Woodman -
Richard Artschwager Jean-Christophe Ammann 7 Richard Artschwager in Basel. A Tour of the Exhibition Miscellaneous / Varia
Rémy Markowitsch Angelika Affentranger-Kirchrath 75 Between the Book and the Lamp. Four Projects by Rémy Markowitsch Miscellaneous / Varia
Julian Schnabel Brooks Adams 18 “I Hate to Think”. The New Paintings of Julian Schnabel -
Mark Morris Joan Acocella 20 Story Hour Cumulus
Malerie Marder Malerie Marder 90 Holding the Release Miscellaneous / Varia
Malerie Marder Mark Grotjahn 90 Holding the Release Miscellaneous / Varia
Robert Crumb Vincent Katz 90 The Normal One Les Infos du Paradis
Mona Hatoum Jacqueline Burckhardt 89 Mona Hatoum's Silver Lining Miscellaneous / Varia
Wang Fu Hartmut Böhme 67 Wang Fu's Cycle Prima Materia/Riots -
Blinky Palermo Bernhard Bürgi 3 An open Look at Blinky Palermo -
Colby Chamberlain Neringa Cerniauskaite 91 Dear Mark... -
Daniel Schwartz William A. Ewing 89 Unassuming Places -
Per Kirkeby Jaqueline von Sprecher 4 Materialness and Figuration. On Per Kirkeby's "Prototypes". -
Jason Moran Naomi Beckwith 99 Aural Traditions: The Art of Jason Moran Miscellaneous / Varia
Jason Moran Naomi Beckwith 99 Aural Traditions: The Art of Jason Moran Miscellaneous
Vito Acconci Tom Eccles 100/101 Vito Acconci is dead Cumulus
Narcissister Tavia Nyong'O 100/101 Interinanimative Flesh: On Narcissister's Muscle Memory Les Infos du Paradis