Artists' Contributions for Parkett's Closing Print Vol. 100/101
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The first Parkett I ever saw had this photograph on the cover, it was 1989 in the library at Goldsmiths’ College. Years later Peter Fischli told me that he and David Weiss had been walking around Zurich trying not to do very much, and had happened upon this strangely bored cat in some kind of zoo. Wanting their attention it performed this trick of sitting up. The first time I saw it struck me that something so seemingly banal could function as art. But it was obvious that it was more than just a photograph of a cat. It had a lightness to it. I don’t mean that it was weak, but rather that it had a sort of airiness; it was ambivalent, open-ended. For me seeing this gave me an understanding of what could be allowed; of having the freedom to explore a different territory, beyond the conceptual/minimal academy of the day.
Rebecca Warren