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The figures and text appearing in Albert Oehlen's etching "L.P.A.", 2007 (for Parkett 79, image 2) are motifs which have recurred in his work repeatedly over the last thirty years, that are drawn from a painting Oehlen came across thirty years ago by artist John Graham titled 'Tramonto Spaventoso' (‘Terrifying Sunset’), 1940 (image 1).

As Oehlen says:
"[The painting is] some kind of vehicle for me. It’s like a construction kit of motifs. It’s actually one motif, but with various elements that are different in nature. It goes from the graphic to the picturesque. That means there are parts that prompt you to paint more, to become more plastic. Then there are others with a big letter and smaller text and a wooden bar. There’s a head with a pilot hat and goggles. But there could also be a third eye, rays and lines going into the depths, like in [Salvador] Dalí, or the wooden planks that we find in Jörg Immendorff paintings."

-Exhibition Catalogue Serpentine Gallery, 2019

Image 3 shows works by Oehlen on view at the Serpentine Gallery, London in 2019.