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Image 1 and 2 show a sketch by Eija-Liisa Ahtila outlining how to photograph "Veil of Ignorance", the black jacket she made for Parkett 68, as well as the text and letters for the jacket. Image 3-5 show an installation of the jackets which Ahtila made.


“A pure wool jacket emblazoned with text on both front and back, Ahtila here moves away from her realm of experimental filmmaking and moving image melodrama to produce a truly unique multiple. "Veil of ignorance" is printed on the back of the garment whilst it is mirror-inverted on the front, making it so that it is legible for others from behind and to oneself when standing in front of a looking glass. Released with the statement that "Ignorance is the mirror of knowledge", this fascinating piece is available in 5 different sizes and published in a limited edition of only 70. The dark suits appear like an official uniform, suits of bureaucratic authority. Although portrayed by the models in poses that evoke a fashion shoot, the printed text acts as a constant self-reflexive reminder to the wearer to not relinquish knowledge for ignorance.” – FineArtMultiple