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Images 1 & 2 show Alighiero e Boetti working on his edition for Parkett 24, and applying the red paint running vertically down the center of the print.
Image 3 shows the actual magazine cover from which Boetti then created "Probing the Mysteries of a Double Life", his edition for Parkett 24 (image 4).
The namesake title on the magazine cover and its cover story on twins addressed bipolarity, one of Boetti‘s core thoughts. Throughout his artistic career Boetti sought to uncover the duality of structures: part and whole; half and double; full and empty; order and disorder. He renamed himself Alighiero e Boetti to expose the underlying structure present in one’s own identity as expressed in the dual nature of the self and the name. He said: “While a name is unique, a surname is already a category, a means of classification . . .”