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Jean-Luc Mylayne‘s „Together“ (image 1) is one of the three collaborations the artist made for Parkett.

"…Each of his unique photographs represents not merely the one-thousandth of a second it takes for the camera to click its shutter but also the days, weeks, and months of devotion and patience it takes to build a bond of trust with a subject. The crux of his work is the moment at which the bird returns the gaze of the photographer. It is a glance not of hostility or mistrust but of recognition. The individual bird accomplishes a task still difficult for most of humanity: to recognize itself as one of many species.” (Mark Dion, Parkett No. 50/51, 1997).


Image 4 and 5 show the technical plan of the complex custom made analog camera, lenses and 25x25cm film negatives, which Mylayne has assembled and tested during the weeks, often months preceding the actual photo.